Ottawa Impact Education PAC

Thomas Hoekstra received an endorsement for school board in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Kate Hoffmeyer

GHAPS voter with three children attending GHAPS

“I am supporting Tom for GHAPS School Board. After years of watching members of the current board silently vote “yes” for harmful, divisive curriculum and “yes” to the budget, while more than $1 million got embezzled by the GHAPS Assistant Superintendent, I’m very excited to see someone like Tom run for the Board. There are members on the current board running for re-election that have been on the Board for more than 20 years. They were there when the embezzlement happened. Tom is just the person to vote onto the Board in order to change the status quo. He will bring a strong business background a no-nonsense attitude that is much needed in order to get GHAPS back to the strong education and community we all want for our children. He will listen to concerned parents while working with the rest of the Board and staff to ensure the right decisions are being made. Lastly, as the owner of a construction company, Tom has the expertise to help with decisions as major decisions are being made about the construction of a new middle school.”

Julie Norkoli

Restore Ottawa

“Thomas Hoekstra is a strong leader and Christian conservative who owns his own construction company. As a business owner, Tom has developed his leadership skills, and because Grand Haven is interested in constructing a new middle school Tom’s background in construction will be extremely valuable. He believes schools should focus on fundamental skills such as reading, writing, math and accurate history.”